About Us

AppBubba Photo - About UsAppBubba (Joseph Hass) has had more than 10 years experience in the IT industry at an engineering level. While sitting on his bean bag he realised he needed a new challenge in his life so he quit the corporate scene. Now AppBubba develops mobile apps, designs websites and provides consulting services on occasions. Check out his resume.

Why the name AppBubba? Well when AppBubba was in kindergarten he was asked what his name was so he replied “Bubba”, then they said, ” No, no,  your real name” and he said, “That is my real name.” They had to ring his mum to get his real name and when called by it he would not answer. He only answers to Bubba so that is why this site is called AppBubba. That seemed appropriate.

We are a team of two, with one of us having the extra duties of managing the company. We are located in the lovely city of Adelaide in South Australia, Australia. If you would like to ask any questions or contact us please use the contact form.
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